Tights for Sale

We offer pink, black and suntan tights for sale all year long.

All tights are convertible (can be worn over the foot or footless).

The cost is $13.99/pair.

Please order them by emailing our Office Manager, Catherine Hahne.

Please be specific. For example: "1 pair - child size - s/i - pink" or "2 pairs - adult - l/xl - black".

We will charge your credit card on file and will email you when they are available for pick up.

Please refer to the sizing charts below.

Children's Size Chart

Small/Intermediate Size 4-7

Height 39’’-49’’

Weight 40-60 lbs.

Medium/Large Size 8-14

Height 50’-59’

Weight 60-90 lbs

Adult Size Chart


Height 4’9”-5’5”

Weight 90-130 lbs.


(dancers with long legs need this size, no matter how thin)

Height 5’1”-5’11”

Weight 115-155 lbs.


Height 4’9”-5’9”

Weight 160-240 lbs