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Summer 2021

Weekly Classes, Intensives, and Camps

Summer Weekly Classes

May 24 - August 3, 2021

You must register for weekly classes by 6pm on the Sunday before the week starts to receive the discounted rate of $18.00 per hour. Otherwise you will be charged $23.00 per hour. NO EXCEPTIONS. This lets us know how many students to expect which will determine the size of the class and whether we need to hire an additional teacher or cancel the class.

Weekly classes will ONLY meet on these dates:

June TBA

July TBA

August TBA

Summer Weekly Class Fees

The summer weekly classes will be charged weekly

per student (not family)

based on $18.00 per hour.

Registration Fee charged only once per family for all Dance Davidson summer programs when you register online:


$30.00 for all families

Payments can only be made via Master Card, Visa or Discover Card.

Summer weekly class tuition will be charged after 6pm on the Sunday before the week starts. No refunds will be given.

Summer  Weekly Classes

Summer Intensives 1

Summer Intensives 2

Summer Camps