Important info to start dance class

Classes begin 8.16.19 

WHEW! WOW! SO much to do to get ready for classes this year in order to keep everyone safe!

Please, please, please read the following so slowly and carefully - lots of new and different info this year!

Parking - You may park anywhere in town EXCEPT the employee parking lot which butts up to Jackson Street. Don't park there. Tell your relatives, babysitters, nannies, etc. not to park there. We have teachers and student drivers who take classes as late as 9:30 p.m. and I do not want them to have to park far away from the building. We will have cones out there blocking the entrance. Do not move them.

Entering & Exiting the building - There is a specific entrance and exit that each class must use in order for us to be safe. First, you MUST know the name of your dancer's class(es) - you can find this in your parent portal. Once you know the name of your dancer's class(es), then look that class up in the link below and find out which entrance and exit they must use.

Door A is the front door of the building - it faces the Post Office parking lot, is positioned smack in the middle, has a Dance Davidson mat

Door B is on the back left side of the building - it faces the back of the Soda Shop, leads into the dressing room (which we won't be using)

Door C is on the back right side of the building - it faces the staff parking lot, leads into back studio C


IF YOU ARRIVE LATE, THERE WILL BE NO ONE AT THE DOOR TO USHER YOUR CHILD INTO THE BUILDING, SO PLEASE COME ON TIME. Please do not allow your dancer to enter the building until there is a staff member to usher her/him in. Please plan on bringing an umbrella for hot or rainy days.

When picking up your dancers, please wait outside of the appropriate door and we will dismiss the dancers when we see their parent.

Attachment: entrance, exits & zoom passwords.xlsx (12.3kB)

Please read over these policies, so no one is surprised or disappointed when they arrive for class.

Dance Davidson covid-19-policies

Zooming into class: If your dancer is zooming in, the link above has the meeting id numbers and passwords. These all correlate to the studio where the class is held. These meeting ids and passwords are also in your parental portal for each class and all you need to do is click on the link and it takes you directly to the class without having to enter the id number or password.

Class levels: We tend to start out the season slowly, reviewing the basics for the first 2 weeks or so. Before thinking that your dancers should be in a different level, please give it a few weeks. Your dancer may be in a different class/level that he or she was in last year. Please remember that we are a technique focused studio and our number one priority is to teach these students correctly and safely. Each dancer learns at a different pace. Each dancer has different strengths and weaknesses. And the really hard part is when they are not in the same class as their friends. Please read this wonderful excerpt from Joy Warner that I send out each year. She is the principal of Community School of Davidson and TRULY has a much better way with words than I do.


Attachment: Why can my dancer not be with her or his friends.docx (14.2kB)

Parents, please be patient with me. There are so many hoops to go through to make these classes work. I know we can do it, but I need so much grace from all of you! Some days I feel like I am not smart or young enough to pull this off, but I CAN with your help!!

Thank you!