New Studio Policies and 

how we are keeping the studio safe

  • The studio will be cleaned/sanitized daily and between classes - this includes ballet barres.
  • Only students & staff will be permitted in the building - our lobby is closed.  Parents, grandparents, nannies, etc. will need to wait outside the building and should plan on bringing an umbrella for rain or extreme heat.
  • Classes will enter and exit from 3 separate doors.
  • Students & staff will be given a drop of hand sanitizer before & after each class.
  • All staff & students must wear masks unless they have been given special permission.
  • The dressing room will no longer be used.  Students will bring all belongings into the studios & should keep these to a minimum.
  • We have numbers & letters on the floor of each studio, so every student will have a safe assigned place to stand.
  • Students will be allowed into the building only right before their class starts.
  • The drinking fountain should only be used to fill up water bottles. All students must bring their own clearly labeled water bottle from home.

  • All parents and adult students will need to sign a mandatory participation waiver before their registration will be processed.

  • Thank you for your continued patience and understanding through this time. We appreciate everyone's commitment to safety. We can't wait to see you in class.