Studio Policies

  • Students must arrive at least ten minutes early so that they may prepare for class. Latecomers will not be permitted to participate in class, but may observe only. We ask that parents help us teach promptness. Children should be enrolled only in those classes for which they can be on time and ready to concentrate. 

  • Please allow them to avail themselves of the restroom before class.

  • All shoes, leotards, tights and dance bags should be marked clearly with full names. Garments should be put in dance bag and placed on hooks or shelves.
  • No jewelry, except small rings and earrings, may be worn in class. Warm-up clothing is not permitted, including skirts or leg warmers. Extra clothing impedes movement and hinders placement correction.

  • Best results are achieved by attending class on a regular basis. Students cannot advance if they miss too many classes, and they may be asked to move to a lower level or be unable to participate in a performance.
  • The instructors decide class placement, and the decision is always made in the best interest of the student.

  • Dance shoes may not be worn outside the studio.
  • When entering or exiting the building, students are required to wear street clothes over their leotards and tights.

  • Parking - Please park in the post office parking lot - Deborah Clamon, the Davidson Postmaster has given Dance Davidson parents permission to park in the parking spaces that are marked for postal customers only if you are just dropping off or picking up a student. Do not park in those spaces if you plan on staying more than 10 minutes.You may also park along Jackson St., or Main street or the parking lot that is BEHIND our building. Do not park in the employees only parking lot to the side of our building.